A Multi-Talented Man; Actor/Model/Presenter: Cameron Daddo

Cameron had his first modelling job at 18 months of age for a calendar dressed as a bunny at a tea party.
At age 16, his father was transferred to the US and Cameron spend his sophomore and junior years of high school in New Jersey. At age 18, he returned to Australia to finish school. Walking into a modelling agency one day asking to use their phone, he
walked out with a modelling contract. Cameron spent the following two years making TV commercials, modelling in
Japan and Europe and taking part in the Australian version of the TV show “Star Search”, where he won I the “Spokesmodel” category.
He was then cast as host of the Australian Children’s TV show, “Off The Dish”, which spun off into his own show, “The Cameron Daddo Show”. At age 21, he was hosting Australia’s Number One program, the game show“Perfect Match”, making him the youngest individual to ever host a prime time TV show in Australia.  After a couple of years in hosting roles, he turned his sights to acting.  His first role was in “The Heroes” and then followed the successful stage musical “Big River” in which he played the lead role of HuckFinn.  His performance awarded him a “MO” Award (tAward), and Variety’s Theatre Performer of the Year.
In December 1991, he married Alison Brahe, and the couple moved to the US in 1992 to pursue their acting careers.  He landed his first US role in the TV movie “Between Love and Hate”, and then played alongside Sean Patrick Flannery, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Daniel Craig in “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”.

Cameron’s North American breakthrough came with Aaron Spelling’s TV series “Models Inc.” where he played photographer Brian Peteresen.

While living in Los Angeles, Cameron has returned frequently to Australia for special guest presenting and acting roles.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Work in progress.

What is your life motto?
Keep showing up, do it with gratitude.

When did you start pursuing your career and how long did it take to become successful?
Unbeknownst to me, at the age of 9; doodling on a piano, and looking/playing for imaginary cameras in trees, whilst playing golf and tennis.

How many hours did you dedicate to pursuing your dream?
Seemed like every waking hour was indirectly feeding my dreams… I have not stopped.

Describe how difficult the business really is?
Attempting to figure it out show business is near impossible…one has to understand it’s a business of cycles and often described in four parts:

1. Who is Justin Beiber?

2. Get me Justin Beiber!

3. Get me a Justin Beiber-type.

4. Who is Justin Beiber?

One must know the art of reinvention.

What is the mistake that taught you an extremely valuable lesson?
I was too eager to do things my way, without taking the time to listen to those in support of you. You get much further in life being a good listener.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given to date?
There are no mistakes and; Simply tell the story from the TRUTH of what you understand.

What is the piece of advice that you weren’t?
Don’t believe anyone. Don’t believe your thoughts. Nothing anyone says about you, is about you… it’s about them. Follow your gut feeling, it’s closet to your heart.

In your mind, is formal training essential?
Not essential, but it never hurts to have the information to create that solid foundation from which to JUMP!

What are some steps emerging talent can take to start/further their career?
1. Be curious about your feelings; follow them and trust them. We are the only species that teaches our young to not feel… “Don’t feel bad”, don’t cry, don’t get angry; feel them all, understand where they come from and why? It makes you a fuller person and then a better storyteller in whatever medium you choose.

2. Keep saying YES to learning new skills and experiencing the different things that life presents.

3. Don’t wait for permission to act, sing or write… just do it, we’ll find you.

What kept you going when you felt like giving up?
Love for what I do.

Do you believe that ‘making it’ is about luck and being in the right place at the right time?
Being the right person, in the right place at the right time… Our inner world has to match the opportunity being presented for us to make use of it fully. You have to be awake to the opportunities, not wait for them to land on you from a great height.


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