Carla Baron – Psychic Medium

Carla became known throughout the globe for her real-life portrayal of a psychic crime fighter, starring in the hit TruTV (formally Court TV) series, “Haunting Evidence,” now in worldwide syndication. In fact, Ms. Baron actually coined the term “psychic profiler” years before this series was even in development, as numerous articles / feature press stories attest, covering her investigations.

You may also have seen Carla Baron in the pilot for “Psychic Detectives” (Court TV) – the one that kicked off the pioneering genius where ‘Psychic meets Crime.’
Ms. Baron appeared on several episodes of Biography’s “Dead Famous.” Her work as a psychic profiler was highlighted on ABC’s “Primetime,” and 20/20 for WE.

The breakout phenom – “MTV’s FEAR” – was Carla’s premiere foray into the paranormal, traveling all over the world on location, filming their documentary segments as official psychic for the haunting reality series.

Ms. Baron was featured on “Psychic Hollywood: The Search For Truth” (E!) and History Channel’s “MysteryQuest” series on the ghostly isle of Alcatraz.

This past December, Carla Baron taped an episode with the production team behind Dr. Phil for a development pilot called “Beyond Talk” on the CBS/ Paramount lot. The program is a psychic-themed special showcasing top psychics/ mediums/ intuitives/ other practitioners who use their unique “gifts” to benefit society today.

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Describe yourself in 3 words: Pioneering, Visionary,  Catalyst

What is your life motto? Create a timeless, seamless, limitless universe within, above, & around yourself. In this way, you can truly transcend what you have done before – in this life, and previous incarnations.

It is confounding how many limitations souls place on themselves when completing their quest for answers and true enlightenment here on Earth.

When did you start pursuing your career and how long did it take to become successful?  I was told I would become a famous psychic/ medium in my early teens when visiting a psychic reader named Mary in the Poconos. I suppose it was then that I truly knew, even though I fought this idea for a while after. My dream at the time was to become the next American Idol as singing was my life, my passion. In fact, every job I had was a singing job – from laying down tracks in recording studios, to singing piano bar in fine restaurants, to competing in various competitions (one of which was the Miss America pageant.)

But I can tell you – without reservation – that my destiny is what I do now as a psychic, medium, & psychic profiler. I cannot imagine another calling for me… EVER. This is truly what makes me exhilarated to be alive every single day & twilight.

How much time and effort did you dedicate to pursuing your dream? I’m still happily in that process. Your dreams are ever-evolving, manifesting. I cannot remember a time in my life since a young child when I was not voraciously tearing through knowledge about life after death, the existence of ghosts, the paranormal, spirits, history, God, the universe, souls, astrology, seers (Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Jeane Dixon), ancient Chaldean-Hebrew numerology, Gong Hee Fot Choy, the Dead Sea Scrolls, religion, beliefs, divination tools (tarot, I Ching, rune stones, crystals, etc.)

So to answer the question ~ ALWAYS.

What are the challenges in your line of work? Knowing which psychic ‘battles’ to pick, and which to leave behind.

Having a sense of humor and grace when it comes to those who profess to be ‘skeptics.’

Allowing oneself time to assimilate each lesson as a famous psychic medium – each has his/ her own time frame in which to develop & master their individual skills. This should not be ‘forced’ in any way.

Connecting with death, horrific crime scenes, murder MINUS the emotional quotient in the first ‘review.’  There must be a ‘clinical’ approach at the onset. Emotional processing can occur later once the critical data is retrieved.

Always remembering you possess a unique gift that should be shared responsibly.  (Not everyone is prepared to hear what you have to say.) Appreciating the role you have been given this lifetime, and the global impact you have in disseminating cosmic information.

What is the mistake that taught you an extremely valuable lesson? The mistake I made early on was to invite everyone into all aspects of my life. My innate character is to be open and honest – about everything. (Gemini moon/ Venus in Sag.)
But my Scorpio Sun / Cancer Ascendant has since learned to ‘harness’ those urges. Having a distinctly separate private life is integral to your survival in the public eye. (Especially when you happen to work on high-profile missing persons & murder investigations.)

What is the best piece of advice you have been given to date? Do not wait for someone – or something – to effect the change in your life. Take the very first step. The rest will miraculously begin to germinate as you have set things in motion within the universe. (It’s that simple.)

In your mind, is formal training essential? If you are the type of personality that responds well to training, then YES.  In my case, however, it was easier for me to pick up various techniques from observing the best of those around me, and through extensive research. My mind is one to absorb quickly, succinctly. I have a well-developed photographic memory from birth. Something akin to Poppy Montgomery’s character in “Unforgettable.” (Helps a lot on unsolved mysteries & crime work.)

Do you think having a mentor is important? How would you go about getting one for this industry? Absolutely.A mentor, or 2 – as many that are meant to cross your path of destiny within your chosen lifetime – will provide guidance right when you are ready to accept that guidance. They will challenge you, when necessary, to become the best you can possibly be in that moment, and hopefully help you sustain & progress greatly along the course of the journey ahead. Even if one does not think of having a “mentor”… they can certainly pinpoint times when individuals indeed helped them in their quest. (‘Unsung’ mentors, if you will.)

What are some steps those starting out can take to start/further their career? Quiet down, and stop “trying so hard” to get it all figured out overnight. Once quieting the extraneous “noise” in their heads, they will be able to hear only one voice – their higher self – guiding them to what it is they should do next.

The problem with most starting out in the paranormal fields is that they don’t know in what areas they are proficient, or conversely – they know what they wish to do, but do not still themselves long enough to hear their unique inner voice. Then, and only then, do you seek out those who are creating strides within that particular vein of the industry.

I, myself, am partial to the ‘pioneers’ – the ones with the proverbial ‘machetes’ cutting through the archaic brush, carving out fresh pathways to the truth. 

What kept you going when you weren’t at your best? My need to be thorough, get it done, make it perfect – even when I thought I would drop from sheer exhaustion at times.  (This is what true OCD will do to you if you allow it to infiltrate.)

 Do you believe that ‘making it’ is about luck and being in the right place at the right time? Perhaps not ‘luck’ so much, as Destiny. I do believe in carving out our own destiny, whereas you can change the course of that particular destiny at will, if you so desire. That is what we term “free will.” Your guardians, or spirit guides, will get you to the right place at the remarkably right time if this is your agreed-upon path.  (Don’t worry, they will.)


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