Founder: Monica Kade

Hello, I’m Monica Kade.
To describe myself in 3 words: P
assionate, curious and fun.

I’m fascinated with life, people and how our mind, body and soul works.  I believe everyone has a story and I love learning about each journey and how each guest got to where they are today.

I’m a writer, story-teller, coffee lover, ocean child, tea devouring surfer, snowboarder, girl who loves to lift and push my body beyond its perceived limits. I live my life moment-to-moment, filling my life with ALL the things I love and ALL the things I want to do.

Right now, I’m finishing up my first book, a memoir on living in New York City.

I’ve had many different professions over the years, but deep down I knew I’d never be a 9-5 girl, it’s never been my fit.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit, I’ve founded many ventures: online magazines, coaching programs, interview series and worked in PR. The one thing that remained constant through all these things was my love to write and interview people.

For me writing is an expression of what moves me and what’s in my heart.

I love to share the people who move me. I’m absolutely fascinated about other people’s life adventures and what makes them tick. We all have a story. I love the people with great ideas, products, those who do crazy-cool things and most of all the people who LOVE what they do.

When someone moves me, I can’t help but want to share what I feel with others.

My website is simply about sharing my crazy-wonderful adventures with anyone who wishes to read them.

For more check out my main website:




From the age of 18, Monica battled issues self image, self worth and life purpose. Despite starting and running the successful Mink Magazine, an online magazine for upcoming talent in the creative arts, starring in 3 feature films and other TV appearances, she knew there was still something missing. So upon graduating from university she booked a one way flight to New York City.

Determined to find her purpose in life, she founded the online venture Career Confessions; through, which she has interviewed over 200 top Australian and International Entrepreneurs, Business and Sports Professionals, Thought Leaders & Celebrities on how they got to where they are in their career. From Serena Dyer, Gabrielle Bernstein, Dr John Demartini, Loren Ridinger, JR Ridinger, Jenna McCarthy, Naomi Simson, Lisa Messenger, Emma Isaacs, Valerie Khoo, Sammi Lukis, Bianca Dye, Andrew Morello, Matt Barrie, Ruslan Kogan, Carl Barron, Camilla, Akira Isogawa, Josh Kerr, Garrett McNamara, Greg Webber, Hayden Cox, Cathy Freeman and many more!

A year and a half later, her time ran out and she found herself on Aussie sand deeply unsatisfied. Still searching she took up surfing and from that moment her life changed – she found the answer.

Today, Monica lives her life moment by moment, bringing out her truth by doing what she loves and sharing her journey with others.

Monica has worked closely alongside Author, Speaker, Spirit Junkie: Gabrielle Bernstein and Christine Hassler, Christine Arylo.

Her qualifications are not important because she’s never used them! In 2008 she was nominated an Anthill Business Magazine Top 30 under 30 Entrepreneur. She has been a guest speaker at Vibewire’s FastBREAK U-Turn, Macquarie University’s AIESEC Tour.

Monica was featured in June 2012 issue of CLEO Magazine discussing body image and on Ch7’s Weekend Sunrise.

Monica lives on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney.


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5 thoughts on “Founder: Monica Kade

  1. Hi Monica, I think that what you are trying to achieve through your blogs is fantastic! I think you are a real inspiration. Your passion for life, exploration of your world and ambition to help others achieve great things is to be admired. Keep up the great work!

  2. Interesting blog – saw it when i was looking for some information on Eina Ahluwalia!

    Keep up the good work and give us a shout if you are visiting London!

  3. Monica,
    You seems like such an exuberant, successful young person. Congratulations on your achievements! I think it is really interesting to explore what other people do for work.
    Great job!
    Also, you are pretty.

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